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It’s compulsory in some states to complete an Owner Builder course in order to obtain an Owner Builder Permit.

The Owner Builder Club is big on knowledge being power (we write this often) so if you reside in a state where it’s not compulsory, we HIGHLY recommend that you still consider doing one.

Being an OB is a massive undertaking and if you’re not completely across your responsibilities and the potential liabilities, you could end up costing yourself a lot of $$$’s down the track.

The thing is, most Owner Builder courses cover critical aspects of a build such as design, budget, estimating, finance, legislation, insurance and managing the work.

For more information, hover over the ‘Courses’ menu and select the state you’re building in.


Some states and courses require you to already have a White Card prior to undertaking an OB course. Be prepared to complete this requirement.


The Owner Builder Club does not endorse course providers. Yes we provide links to providers but it’s essential to do your own research. Ensure it’s an approved course delivered by a Registered Training Organisation.