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Hello Owner Builder in NSW!

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You may already know this, the NSW Government Fair Trading will be a main point of contact for you as an Owner Builder building or renovating in the NSW. Make sure you add the Customer Service number to your speed dial – 13 32 20).

Now whilst The Owner Builder Club does not currently endorse any training organisations, we have made it easy for you by providing the links below to the main Registered Training Organisations.as they will be a great ‘go-to’ for information, guidance and support throughout your build.

HOWEVER. You must do your homework and choose a provider that you believe will deliver a course that will meet your expectations.

To find out more about courses, simply click on the logos below.

To find out more about being an Owner Builder in NSW hit ‘Click Here’ below. This will take you direct to the NSW Government Fair Trading information.


101 Education

101 Ed understands that everyone has competing priorities. Taking this into much consideration, they have developed a learning platform which adapts to your lifestyle. 101 Ed Owner Builder course is Fair Trade approved.

Owner Builder Centre

This online Owner Builder Course is designed for individuals who have at least very basic experience in using computers and the internet, and wish to complete the Course in as little time as possible.


Saferite is an official NSW Fair Trading Approved Owner Builder course. Saferite offers a generous package including an Owner Builder course, White Card course, discounts on supplies and insurances as well as DIY videos.

An owner builder permit in New South Wales is intended to permit individuals who have the ability to build their own home or manage development by organising sub-contractual workers. While an owner builder permit is not a manufacturer’s permit, as an owner builder in New South Wales, you are in charge of the building function as a completely authorised developer would be. Owner Builders have a more noteworthy feeling of fulfillment in realising that they could build their own home themselves. Owner Builders can generally can save 20-40% on development costs. Owner Builders can practice a more noteworthy level of control over their own venture, including the capacity to roll out improvements to the development work all the more quickly. Owner Builder Courses in NSW are readily available and there are plenty of providers to choose from. These owner builder courses can generally help you get through the owner builder project.

Under the Home Building Act 1989, it is an offence to intentionally draw in an unlicensed contractual worker, loan their permit to someone else, and decline to reveal to an approved officer the names and addresses of contractual workers chipping away at the site. As an Owner Builder, you are additionally in charge of – directing and administering all tradespeople, requesting of materials and administration of the building site, acquiring all essential chamber and power endorsements, guaranteeing that the budgetary, tax collection and protection necessities of the building work are met and completely agree to all laws, monitoring your commitments under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and giving a sheltered workplace that agrees to Work Cover prerequisites ,guaranteeing any temporary worker drew in is properly authorised and safeguarded to take the necessary steps contracted for, and justifying that the work and materials will be fit for the reason and that the work brings about a residence fit for occupation.