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Hello Owner Builder in the Northern Territory!

Thanks for visiting our site, we'd love you to take a good look around and also visit our Pinterest page for inspiration. And if you'd like to learn from other OB's, come and join our Facebook group!

Did you know that the rules are slightly different in the Northern Territory for Owner Builders compared to other states?

You're not required to complete an Owner Builder course in the NT (lucky you!). However the Building Practitioners Board (BPB) requires you to apply for an Owner Builder Certificate for work over $12,000. As part of the application process, there is an expectation that you read the Owner Builders manual they provide.

The BPB is a part of the Northern Territory Government and will be your main point of contact for you as an Owner Builder building or renovating in the NT. Make sure you add the Customer Service number to your speed dial as they will be a great ‘go-to' for information, guidance and support throughout your build – 1300 300 630.

Now whilst you're not required to do a course, we at The Owner Builder Club encourage you to have a good look around our site. There is some great information that will help you throughout the Owner Builder process.

The ‘Click Here‘ link below will take you direct to the NT Government BPB page.