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Hello Owner Builder in sunny Queensland!

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You may already know this, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) will be a main point of contact for you as an Owner Builder building or renovating in the QLD. Make sure you add the Customer Service number to your speed dial as they will be a great ‘go-to’ for information, guidance and support throughout your build – 13 93 33.

AND, we at The Owner Builder Club are super impressed with the information provided by the QBCC. Make sure you have a good look around the QBCC site, it’s worth it because as we like to say, knowledge is power.

Now whilst The Owner Builder Club does not currently endorse any training organisations, we have made it easy for you by providing the links below to the main Registered Training Organisations. The QBCC also have a list of course providers.

Do your homework and choose a provider that you believe will deliver a course that will meet your expectations.

Simply click on a course provider logo below.

Alternatively, cast your eyes to Learn More and hit ‘Click Here'. This link will take you direct to the QBCC page.


101 Education

Taking on the role of an Owner Builder, will require a Permit for work exceeding $11,000. This course is an introduction to the multitude of obligations an Owner Builder will undertake.

Absolute Education

ABSOLUTE Education Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation that has been delivering Owner Builder education for the last ten years and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and cost effective training to owner builders.

In Queensland, aside from building a new home, the work you can do as an owner builder is renovate, remodel, refurbish or the extension of our home, you can also do garage building, carport or a shed within the proximity of the residence, build a pergola or entertainment area for residential use and a swimming pool for residential use. When a permit has been successfully issued to you, it is imperative that you follow the conditions of the permit for owner building like carrying out the work covered in the owner builder permit, anyone you get onboard must me a licensed contractor. Remember that you can’t do any occupational work unless you are licensed such as pest control, draining, plumbing and gas fitting. You should also have the appropriate license to carry out fire protection work exceeding $1100.

Being an owner builder means you should also responsible for overseeing the quality of workmanship being carried out by your contractors and yourself as well as the maintenance of quality control across all work space and prioritising in carrying out safe work practices. Sometimes, disagreements happen between you and your contractor, in such an event where it has become impossible to resolve within you and the contractor, you should be keen on seeking a legal advice.