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Hello Owner Builder in sunny Queensland!

We get it.

Choosing an owner builder course is another big thing to tick off your long list of things ‘to-do'.

To add to it, Queensland Building Construction Commission, as of February 2019, will no longer allow Queensland OBs to do an online White Card course.

The White Card is mandatory to comply with WorkSafe regulation however you must do this course face-to-face (we'll get back to you with a provider).

Here's some good news. When it comes to the OB course, we've done the research for you.

We critiqued 12 owner builder course providers across Australia and we're super excited to announce our partnership with (drum roll)……..Absolute Education.

Here's what we like about Absolute Education and why we've partnered:

  • they're known for their expertise in delivering solutions to the Australian Owner Builder and Construction industry for over 14 years (that's a big tick)
  • they're super professional (another tick)
  • the OB course is super easy to access online and by correspondence (tick, tick)
  • you can take as long as you need to complete the course (because life's busy)
  • your certificate is emailed within 24 hours (love instant gratification)
  • you get unlimited phone access (because sometimes we need to speak to a real person)
  • they give away lots of FREE stuff (who doesn't love a gift with purchase)
  • you get to sit a FREE practice exam (thank you)
  • run by people who know the building game (that's called credibility)
  • they're fully compliant with the regulatory board as an approved training organisation (again, credible)
  • AND, the price is right! (phew)


Here's what you need to know and do:

  • To get started, click on ‘Register Now' (registration is free) in the box below to go straight to Absolute's registration page (it's a simple step-by-step process)
  • Confirmation of your registration with your user name and password will be sent to you by text and email once registration is complete
  • OB Course cost is $185.00 payable when you pass (psst, everyone passes!).


Oh come on, who isn't!?

If you enter the ‘Offer Code' OBC at the bottom of Step 4 in the registration process (under Special Promotional Code), you'll automatically go into the draw to win a $200 Bunnings voucher.

Yep, if you win, there's your course cost back (and then some).

By entering the Offer Code OBC means you give us the okay to contact you (only if you win) via the email address you provide.

Note – Registrations completed in the month of January (across Australia) are eligible for the bonus draw.

So what are you waiting for?


Absolute Education is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91521) who makes doing an Owner Builder Course simple. All you need to do is click ‘Register Now' (it's free) create a username and password, login and start answering the questions! Best parts, you don't pay until you pass (you'll pass) and your certificate will be emailed to you upon completion (and once you've paid)!

In Queensland, aside from building a new home, the work you can do as an owner builder is renovate, remodel, refurbish or the extension of our home, you can also do garage building, carport or a shed within the proximity of the residence, build a pergola or entertainment area for residential use and a swimming pool for residential use. When a permit has been successfully issued to you, it is imperative that you follow the conditions of the permit for owner building like carrying out the work covered in the owner builder permit, anyone you get onboard must me a licensed contractor. Remember that you can’t do any occupational work unless you are licensed such as pest control, draining, plumbing and gas fitting. You should also have the appropriate license to carry out fire protection work exceeding $1100.

Being an owner builder means you should also responsible for overseeing the quality of workmanship being carried out by your contractors and yourself as well as the maintenance of quality control across all work space and prioritising in carrying out safe work practices. Sometimes, disagreements happen between you and your contractor, in such an event where it has become impossible to resolve within you and the contractor, you should be keen on seeking a legal advice.