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Hello Owner Builder in Victoria!

We get it.

Having to do an Owner Builder course AND Construction Induction training are two big things you must tick off your long list of ‘to-dos'.

In Victoria, the rules for owner builders are slightly different compared to other states when it comes to doing an Owner Builder course.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has an e-learning assessment that you MUST complete. The assessment is based on information provided by the VBA in their Owner Builder Study Guide.

You have to complete this assessment before you can apply for an Owner Builder Certificate of Consent.

Then there's the Construction Induction training (also known as a White Card).

You need to do this to comply with WorkSafe regulations AND you need it to support your application for a Certificate of Consent from the VBA. It must be done in a classroom and NOT online.

So let's summarise what you need to do:

  1. Complete the mandatory VBA owner builder training course – click here.
  2. Complete your Construction Induction training (White Card) with a VBA approved provider – click here.

It doesn't matter which course you do first, as long as you've completed both prior to applying for your Certificate of Consent from the VBA.