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Hello Owner Builder in Western Australia!

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You may already know this but we’ll tell you anyway. The Government of Western Australia will be a main point of contact for you as an Owner Builder building or renovating in WA.

Make sure you add the Customer Service number to your speed dial as they will be a great ‘go-to’ for information, guidance and support throughout your build – 1300 489 099.

You're required to complete an Owner Builder course before you can apply for an Owner Builder Approval and a Building Permit.

Now whilst The Owner Builder Club does not currently endorse any training organisations, we have made it easy for you by providing the links below to the main Registered Training Organisations.

Do your homework and choose a provider that you believe will deliver a course that will meet your expectations.

Simply click on a course provider logo below.

Alternatively, cast your eyes to Learn More below and hit ‘Click Here‘. This link will take you direct to the Government information page.


Absolute Education

ABSOLUTE Education Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation that has been delivering Owner Builder education for the last ten years and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and cost effective training to owner builders.

In Western Australia, becoming an Owner Builder entails you to attain necessary approvals from the Building Commission. When doing so, you need to complete an owner builder application form and pay an application fee. The Building Services Board requires you to perform tasks that will support your knowledge when it comes to owner building and that you know your duties and responsibilities as an owner builder before you get an approval when applying. Ninety per cent of owner-builder approval applications are resolved inside eight weeks. The Building Commission will reach you if any additional data is required to handle your application. You will be advised when a choice with respect to your application has been made.

Once your owner builder approval has been issued, you should apply for a building license from your local registry inside six months. On the off chance that you don’t, your proprietor developer endorsement will lapse. Owner-builders must be issued with a building grant once at regular intervals. On the off chance that you have been issued with a building license by the nearby government inside the most recent six years, it is an offence to pronounce that you have not.  Owner Builder WA may be asked to complete the “Request for waiver” form and submit to the Building Commission for approval if you want to obtain another building permit without the requirement for home indemnity insurance.