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Owner Builders Course NSW

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Are you searching for the best owner builders course NSW?

About Owner Builder Courses in New South Wales

Before undertaking an Owner Builder course it is a requirement to obtain a white card. This is a legal requirement and makes it clear that you have the safety knowledge needed on a construction site. 

Gaining a White Card can be done via an online course which means you won’t be inconvenienced by having to travel to and sit for hours in a classroom. Most Owner Builder course providers offer a bundled course including White Card and Owner Builder course.

The White Card course topics include:

  • WHS Legislation
  • Risk Management on a construction site
  • Incident and emergency procedures

Once you have your White Card, you’re ready to undertake an Owner Builder course which you need before you can apply for an Owner Builder Permit.

Stay with us here, we know it sounds like a long winded process just think about the skills you’ll be acquiring!

Owner Builders Course NSW information

An online Owner Builder course is required in NSW to ensure Owner Builders obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to complete their building project.

An Owner Builder course will help you:

  • Understand the responsibilities as an owner builder;
  • Provide you with the best opportunity to save thousands of dollars building or renovating your own home;
  • Access all the information you require during the construction of your home;
  • Use the tools that provide to complete the project on time with budget;
  • Avoid the troubles that are associated with building your own home.

In addition, many courses offer the opportunity to become part of there owner builder community, discussion forums and can keep you updated with latest in owner builder activities.

Most courses are well organised, informative and provide great support throughout your project (we think this is a BIG bonus!).

Like anything, you must do your research on which Owner Builder course is right for you. Make sure it’s run by a Registered Training Organisation AND most importantly, covers you as an Owner Builder in NSW!

The Owner Builder Club does not currently endorse any course providers however we do provide links to courses in NSW. To learn more, simply CLICK HERE

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