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The Building Process

Are you sick of hearing our mantra knowledge is power? We’re sorry. No. Not sorry.

Because it’s our job to ensure you’re really well informed in all areas of being an Owner Builder.

We believe it’s critical for you to understand the general flow of the building process.

Having this general idea is going to help you put together your well documented plan of attack which will include what tradespeople are used when, what building supplies you need at each stage and what certifications are needed at critical stages.

So this is us, doing our job:

STAGE ONE: The foundations

  • Prepare the site – clear, demolish, set out (surveyor), excavate
  • Underground sewer, drainage, electrical systems (certification) prior to pouring concrete
  • Slab, bearers and joints (Engineer required and certification)
  • Termite management (certification)

STAGE TWO: The frame

  • External walls, windows and doors – pre-order well in advance (Building Consultant required)
  • Roof frame/trusses – pre-order well in advance (Building Consultant required)

STAGE THREE: The lock-up

  • Fascia and gutters
  • Roof and insulation
  • Cladding and eaves

STAGE FOUR: The fit-out

  • Electrical, water and gas roughing in wall cavities (certification required)
  • Roof and surface drainage
  • Internal  lining – walls, ceiling, cornices
  • Internal doors, architraves, skirtings, stairs (if any)
  • Waterproofing – bathroom and laundries (certification required)
  • Tiling (bathroom and laundries)

STAGE FIVE: The finishes

  • Kitchen fit-out with benchtops – preordered in advance
  • Bathroom and laundry fit-out (including tapware)
  • Paintwork
  • Floor coverings
  • Shelving, storage and walk-in-robes
  • Lighting, air-conditioning (if any)
  • Door handles
  • Curtains, blinds, awnings
  • Clothesline
  • Electrical and plumbing fit-offs (light switch plates)
  • All appliances
  • Outdoor paving, fencing, landscaping (letterbox)

Can you see how understanding the process will help organise your trades and ordering building supplies?


There are certain supplies that you need to order well in ADVANCE such as external windows and doors. Roof frame. Kitchen and appliances.

Be sure to understand the order timeframes and build into your plan.


Be prepared for hold-ups! It may rain, building supplies may not turn up and contractors may fall through. Factor in holiday periods like Christmas!

Have your ‘must-dos' to help you survive the rough patches!