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How to become an Owner Builder

Let’s start at the very, very beginning.

Do your research

The Owner Builder Club is big on knowledge being power. Make sure you visit ‘Where to Get Information’ page for tips and links that will help with your research.

Some states, like Queensland, provide brilliant Owner Builder Study Guides. You’ll find those links on our ‘Where to Get Information’ page.

Do a Budget

It’s not too early to start thinking about the budget. If anything, considering all $$ aspects of an Owner Builder project now, may help you make your decision.

The Owner Builder Club has put together a great Budget Planner. Simply email us at to grab a copy.

Engage a draftsperson/architect

You’ll find that there are parts of the process that require final plans in the early stages (and structural drawings) e.g. Development Application required by Council.

Not only will engaging a draftsperson or architect help bring your vision to life, they’re also responsible for issuing final plans/structural drawings that you will need.

Read The Design Process to help you understand this part of the process.

Also read our Q&A with Melbourne based Architect Pete Collings – click here.

Do an Owner Builder’s Course

Another requirement to be an Owner Builder is to complete an Owner Builder course.

This differs in some states however most states require proof of this as part of the process to get a building permit.

The Owner Builder Club does not currently endorse course providers so until we do, all we can say is make sure it’s an approved course delivered by a Registered Training Organisation.

Another point, we’ve seen some course provider’s offer a pay upon passing however beware of an additional fee charged to sit the exam (this is on top of the cost to do the course).

If you hover over Courses on the menu bar, simply select the state you’re building in for course information.

Get a Permit

The permit process differs by state however what you need to do at this stage is complete a permit application; provide required proofs (outlined on form); pay a fee; and wait for approval (again differs by state but can take up to 4 weeks).

To learn more click here.

Get organised (one of our faves)

We cannot recommend stress the importance of this enough. You need to get yourself sorted from the start. We’re talking boxes or folders to safely keep all the information you acquire from start to finish.

Trust us here. Get organised. Head to Officeworks or Ikea and stock up on whatever it is that tickles your fancy. Hate boxes but love folders? Well buy folders, label them and start storing information as it comes to hand.

This will save you time and stress when you need to find stuff down the track!