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The Owner Builder Checklist

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As Winston Churchill once said – if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

So here’s our checklist of “Must Do’s” to help get you started (also check out ‘Relevant Links' below):

Do your research

Read as many articles and talk to as many people as possible about becoming an Owner Builder.

Consider joining our Facebook page where you can chat with other Owner Builders and ask questions.

Contact your local council to find out EVERYTHING about the building process including permits.

And importantly, head to our Pre-Plan page or Plan page for loads of information!

Think about your budget

This is serious. You DO NOT want to get part way through a build only to run out of money. NO NO NO!

So. We highly recommend you understand all the costs associated with an owner builder project. Know upfront what you can afford and allow for anywhere from 15% to 30% extra.

Click here to read what we've provided about how much it will cost.

We've also developed a brilliant (detailed) budget planner. And it's FREE! Simply email as at and will send you to you ASAP.

Get clear on what you want

You need to work out what's important to you, what you like and don't like. Your style, design vision, colours the lot.

Can't go without a butler's pantry? Well, it should be on your list of non-negotiables.

Rip those pages out of home magazines, record details of what you've seen in houses you love and watch re-runs of The Block for inspiration.

Click here to read what we've provided about the design process.

Do an Owner Builder course (and get a White Card)

Owner Builder course requirements differ from state to state. You can head to our Courses page for more information.

To learn more, head to Courses page, select the state you're building in!

Get your Owner Builder Permit

Learn more about this by hitting – click here.

Get required insurances

Building insurance, workers compensation and public liability. Click here – Plan for more information. Please note, The Owner Builder Club does not endorse owner builder insurance providers. Please do your research!

Get organised

Before you even start, think about how you’re going to keep all paperwork/information in one place. How about small A4 boxes from Officeworks or Ikea? Clearly labelled as you see fit? Or plastic folders? Think about filing under quotes, permits, inspiration, plans etc.

Whatever your style, you need to nail this tip before you even begin!

And remember, starting and completing a home building project can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

We can’t stress enough the importance of planning and being organised. And if planning is not one of your strengths right now, commit to developing it!

The last thing we'll say is this – be clear on WHY you chose to become an Owner Builder. When things get tough (as they will), it might just help to remind yourself of your why.


How to become an Owner Builder – click here.

State government links – click here.

Owner Builder Finance – read this.

All about Insurances – read this.

The Building Process – click here.

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